Security Quotient's courses are designed to develop positive cybersecurity skills using the behaviour modelling approach

This course is intended for all remotely working employees. You will learn about the best practices to ensure the security of the organisation's information and information assets while working remotely.

Security Awareness alone is not enough. Employees must gain Cybersecurity Competence to defend the organisation from vicious cybercrime.

Strong boardroom leadership with a deep understanding of the business context of Cybersecurity is an asset for a successful organisation.

When it comes to Cybersecurity Awareness, one size does not fit all. Hence, Security Quotient has crafted this exclusive course for the workforce in the Oil, Gas & Energy industry.

This Cybersecurity e-Learning course begins by covering the recent cybercrimes targeting banks and financial institutions.

Defend and protect the organisation from cybercriminals by understanding the cyber risk to the digital world.

Reduce IT-related risks and meet compliance requirements by understanding the threats and vulnerabilities in information systems.
This course will help you to create an effective defense in cyber-related attacks and threats.

This course is intended for all application development and QA staff. You will learn about the best practices available in the industry for developing applications securely.